Colour Mix OP7 OS2 – 20 inch long


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OP7 OS2 uses Mongolian Remy as the origin hair of choice. At West End Hair we use Remy hair due to its high quality and fine texture, making it easier to match natural hair. Mongolian Remy is popular in the making of high end wigs (for more information, explore our wigs). We keep our range of colours updated to match current fashion trends.

The expected lifespan of OP7 OS2 is 8-12 months after installation. Custom made clips will last longer, with a lifespan of 1-2 years.

We do not recommend colouring the hair yourself, due to the fine texture. We have a wide range of natural and popular colours available. Our team can also mix and match colours to recreate a required mixed shade with amazing results.

Comes in a 50gm pack

Popular Mixes are: OP6A and OP7L


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